The Strawfoot Easter Egg Hunt in Austin Was a Success! Mar 31, 2015

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“Take the path less traveled going west and find me atop a metal nest….”

This morning on a quick road ride, I snuck down into an old trestle bridge and hid the Strawfoot pouch, containing stickers, top caps, a pair of Strawfoot Arcade socks and a special coupon for the prize. Before Jonathan and I had finished our ride, a handful of people had shown up around the same time to snipe the egg.

Gavin was the first to the bag, yet he shared the bounty with the other easter egg hunters. We met up shortly after and I gave him his prize: the James Brand knife. Color me jealous!

We’re all stoked on this contest and would like to thank all parties involved!

  • Dobry

    This was a fun idea. I’m glad people were so into it. Thanks for updating us!

    If that knife’s handle is as slick as it looks, I’m worried for the owner.

    • It’s hella grippy, don’t fret.

      • Dobry

        Is it rough or something?

  • Goog Smells

    Cool of him to share the loot!

  • Matt

    dope knife