The Athletic Portland

The growth of a brand from an idea on social media to a brick and mortar store is always inspirational. For Portland, Oregon’s the Athletic, their brand began with a simple idea; designing socks, and has transformed into an entire retail space nestled in NorthWest Portland. In the few years the brand has existed, they’ve released dozens of designs online. Their most notable being a pair of turquoise 6″ tall socks embroidered with the PDX airport’s carpet pattern.

While their PDX Airport Socks might be their most famous work, the Athletic has worked with a number of small companies, as well as cycling teams to create that last essential piece of their cycling wardrobe. While most of their stock just so happens to be, you guessed it; socks, a lot of what the Athletic is doing reaches beyond that.

As the name implies, they are showcasing a particular façade of sports. Not necessarily the most current team’s rankings or franchise gear, but the art and culture that is inspired by athleticism. With zines, posters, bags, jump ropes and even a few pairs of Nike shoes on display, the Athletic’s storefront is more of a gift shop for the sporting enthusiast than it is a standard-issue sock store.

See some photos of their space in the Gallery and swing through their shop if you find yourself in Portland, or browse their stock online.

The Athletic
925 NW 19th Ave
Portland, OR
M-Fri 12pm – 6pm
Sa-Sun 12pm – 5pm

  • david

    That is totally awesome. Congrats to them. Can’t wait to see that space in May.

  • Dobry

    Nobody in Portland likes blue water bottles?
    Seriously, though, good on them. Hope they’re successful.

    • Dobry

      Just saw the website. Looks nice, but why does bidons have an apostrophe? Are those the water bottles that belong to Bidon?

  • Hollis Duncan

    That ‘Sheed poster is awesome. For some reason I would love to see a LaMarcus Aldridge inspired cycling sock. Bon courage the store looks great.

    • boomforeal


  • Eddie Barksdale

    Have always loved the light, designs, and colors in their store. Great job capturing it!

  • Maxwell Merkle

    These people must be financial geniuses. I have no idea how you could have a store front for this type of company, especially in NW Portland! I feel like I must be missing something.

    • They have a minimum $$$ they have to sell each day in store – most of their sales are done online. A lot of shops operate that way.