The 2015 Rouge Roubaix Builder Challenge: Mosaic

For Boulder, Colorado’s Mosaic Cycles, the Rouge Roubaix Builder Challenge was the perfect epilogue for the 2015 North American Handmade Bicycle Show. Many of the bikes featured at NAHBS found their way to the RRBC and rightfully so. Why build something if it’s not meant to be ridden… Into. The. Ground.

The Mosaic line is divided into a number of specific uses. There’s a binomial nomenclature of sorts, or a key, to deciphering what bike is made for what and out of what material. Each member from Team Mosaic chose a bike that best fit their riding style. Be it steel or titanium, disc or rim brake, each of these bikes were built specifically to reflect their own preference.


As for the application process and the overall team, Aaron selected Boulder shredmeister Brandon Newcomer on an RS-1 (road steel), Velo Magazine correspondent Spencer Powlison on an RS-1 and finally, Derek Yarra, the RRBC winner on an RT-1d (road titanium disc), which matches Aaron’s own bike selection.

Team Mosaic

Derek and Aaron’s bikes will fit a fat, plump tire and because titanium is a naturally forgiving material, they offered a bit of compliance during the 100 mile race. If you’d like a further break down on each of these riders and their bikes, head to Mosaic to read up.

… there’s more coming soon on what else Mosaic brought with them: a wild card group of ladies…

Derek's Mosaic RT-1 Road

As for Derek’s RT-1d, it’s built with Shimano Ultegra Di2, R685 hydraulic road disc brakes, Shimano Pro Vibe cockpit, and Shimano RX80 tubeless-ready wheels. My personal favorite detail: the Shimano mtb pedals!

Team Mosaic

Team Mosaic would like to thank Shimano, q36.5 Kits and Rothera Caps.

  • Bradley Tompkins

    That needs a 0 setback seatpost SOOOOO BBBAAAAAADDD

    • Not if he’s been fit for this bike and his body needs a bit of setback to pedal healthily. Custom bikes are tailored to the individual, not for internet aesthetics. ;-)

      • MattF

        John I agree with you, in fact I’d say most people should be riding a setback post on a properly fit bike. But, I think dearest Bradley is meaning to say that seat is slammed forward. A zero setback would get it in the center of the rails.

        IMO this falls into the couldn’t care less category. Rad bike. Jealous.

      • Bradley Tompkins

        Look at where the saddle is clamped… is slammed forward on the rails. The 0 setback post would land the clamp in the middle of the rails….or the optimal position, unless you are looking for a bit of suspension. ;)

        EDIT: The saddle position relative to the seatpost looks custom fitted for a 0 setback post, in concise terms.

        • True. Didn’t notice that (was replying via email on my phone).

          • Bradley Tompkins

            No worries, bro! I had noticed that as well in the build photos….I was just stating that it would look dialed if that change was made if that was to be the final position.

    • bloibl

      Mr. Watson shoots back…take that!

    • Harry

      Check this out. The most interesting setup in the pro peloton.

      • Bradley Tompkins

        Adam is a member over at WeightWeenies forum and is known for his interesting setup….I think he runs 36cm bars too.

  • Greg

    Why is there a bead between the top tube and seat stay welds?

    • Aaron Barcheck

      Greg, weld bead is for the seat tube collar, a thicker titanium piece on the end of a thin walled tube with the ID being that of the seatpost OD. in this case 31.6mm

  • bgav

    All gorgeous bikes, but more photos of Brandon’s black RS-1 please!

  • bgav

    It appears a majority of the builders’ bikes are Shimano, spotted Spencer’s equipped with Campy, but nary a SRAM grouppo in sight?

    • The builders here all have relationships with Shimano. Hence the lack of SRAM.

  • Derek Yarra

    Shimano very generously sponsored the components and the offset post is what they supplied. 0 setback would be correct but I was definitely not in any position to complain!

    Thanks for the great shots and write up, John.

    • Fuck the photos! Thanks for hanging out this weekend dude. Great to finally meet you!

  • Aren’t those shimano r785 brakes / levers?

  • westley

    That blue and white Mosaic is sweet!

  • Trevor H

    Killer photos John! This is such a cool event. Derek got such a sweet bike! I’d be interested to know more about those wheels, as I can’t seem to find anything out about them just yet…..

  • Derek Yarra
  • Liam Griffin

    But why the Big Big ring combo for the bike profile shot… why!?

    • That was my bad, but it is Di2 with autotrim so it doesn’t matter.

      • Liam Griffin

        True, it doesn’t hurt the bike or the drivetrain… but MY EYES!? ;-P

        • I fixed it and reshot the whole thing, but some of the photos were better with the double big rings. Also, I’ve shot like 40 bikes in the past two weeks, I’m kind of toast…

          • Liam Griffin

            Dude, you’re killing it, so many epic shots and people just nitpick. I’m just messing with you… keep up the good work.

  • Márton Sógor

    This thing looks so good, it almost makes me wanna cry. One of my favourites for sure!