The 2015 Rouge Roubaix Builder Challenge: Argonaut

Part of my job during the Rouge Roubaix was to document the Rouge Roubaix Builder Challenge, or #RRBC2015 as the internet likes to catalog things. Last year, in a late night hot tub session, somewhere in SoCal, Ben from Argonaut, Billy from Echos, Aaron from Mosaic and myself were discussing NAHBS. Part of the frustration Ben was voicing was that he had infinitely more fun riding bikes with people, than sitting in a tradeshow booth for three days.

The idea expanded, phone calls were made and soon, the RRBC was born. Sort of. You see, it couldn’t be just one team, so a few were invited. Out of 5 teams, three committed: Argonaut, Breadwinner and Mosaic. Each team would send out a call for entries and select a team mate from the applicants, build them a bike and race the Rouge Roubaix with them.

Stephen Kincaid aka Geronimo

For Argonaut, they chose Stephan Kincaid, a power house from Pennsylvania.

Since Ben had never met Stephan, who goes by the nickname Geronimo, the RRBC was just as much about the bike as it was new-found camaraderie. We arrived in Baton Rouge on Thursday and had two days to gather course intel, shoot photos, drink and prepare for the race on Sunday. This gallery represents those days in St. Francisville, Louisiana.

Geronimo's Argonaut Disc Road

Stephan’s bike is an Argonaut disc road with Shimano Dura Ace, Chris King, Reynolds Wheels and ENVE cockpit.

Team Argonaut

Team Argonaut would like to thank ENVE, Shimano, Reynolds, ENDO, Rothera Caps and Chris King.

  • Crmsnghst

    While I think the bikes and kits are spot on and gorgeous… I have an irrational hatred of those Selle Italia Drakon saddles. I think it comes from ten years of being a bike mechanic and the type of customer who usually NEEDS that saddle and will burn every bridge in the world to get it. Typecasting? Yes, but I havnt had my coffee yet.

    • I just think they look like a slice of pizza.

      • James Norman Woodley

        ouroboros pizza ouroboros

      • Crmsnghst

        Sex is kinda like pizza. When it’s bad, it’s still pretty good

    • Robert0321

      Selle SMP*

      • Crmsnghst


  • Charles Southgate



  • Mitch Lomacz

    Being from Portland I’m quite familiar with Ben’s work. Argonaut frames are a pretty amazing feat of engineering to be highly ride-tuned, light weight, shapely and super clean looking. And theyre not made in Taiwan like nearly every other carbon frame.

    While these are spendy, if you look at the price of a new Dogma F8 frame module, it’s suddenly a sensible option with a certain exclusivitity.

    Nice pics John!

  • hans

    black eyes? wtf?

    • Yeah, they had some demons to work through after a long night of drinking. Best friends sometimes do that.

  • Eric Hancock

    I like a builder who can take a punch.

  • professorvelo

    the trusty mechanic looks really stoned

    • Phomma

      True fact

  • Keith Gibson

    that kit