That’s One Way to Carry a Tripod Mar 17, 2015


Photo by Olivier Chételat

I’m in the process of finally working on a post that discusses how I carry camera gear on my person or bicycle during rides. As I’m planning how to document this, I go to my Flickr and see the above photo pop up. See more detailed shots at Oli’s Flickr and no, I’ve never tried something similar. Have you?

  • Tony Clifton

    A 60cm mixte?!

  • John, I see a Pegoretti with a paint-matched Gitzo Monopod (w/ custom braze-ons) in your future.

  • Lee Murai

    Olivier’s flickr posts never fail to entertain.

  • I’ve had a couple far less classy setups trying to haul a tripod.

    • hans

      ha! this is crazy. we just were talking about this!

  • Christopher Jarrett

    Sweet set up.

  • Hey John, did you ever write that post? Would love to tap your thoughts on camera carry!