TCB Courier’s Spring Kits are Lookin’ Good! Mar 11, 2015


SF’s TCB Courier always delivers when it comes to their kit offerings. This spring, they went in a lighter direction, using dots and stripes in various pastels. Their pre-order is available in a total kit, including arm warmers, vest, jersey and bibs, or as individual pieces for men and women. Made in downtown LA by ENDO Customs. Head over to TCB to see more.

  • Wormy McSquirmy

    Pink jersey?? I live in Washington, DC–am I going to get beat up?

    I love the kit, though. Awesome design.

    • In DC? No. Plenty of bankers and frat boys wear pink shirts.

    • tylernol

      how tall are you ? I wear pink a lot but am 6’5″ and no-one has tried to beat me up..