Take Em From the Middle Zine


Take Em From the Middle Zine

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I like the way this sounds!

“8 page color zine with 12 water color illustrations by Zak Kirwin of cell phone photos taken by Leland Taylor from the cell phone blog toolbag.tumblr.com. Bike camping, bandit camping, vagrancy and GOOD VIBES GALORE! Join the gang as they crash the party in paradise. When you’re camped out by the fire, and you reach for a brew, remember “Take ’em from the middle, the others keep ’em cold, and once you’ve had a few, the rest go down like water!” Printed locally on some classy ass vellum paper! 5″ x 8″”

Pick up a Take Em From the Middle Zine at Secret Awesome, or grab the Zine and Bong Water Bottle combo and save a few bucks!