Supreme Purist Waterbottles Mar 4, 2015


As arguably one of the first legitimate streetwear operations, NYC’s Supreme has literally been there, done that in today’s collaboration environment. Recently however, they’ve been branching out of their normal product line with some left field products. Case in point: these Specialized purist water bottles. Luckily, you won’t have to camp outside one of their stores to “cop” a pair. These are going up on the shelf in the office for sure.

  • Roddy Wykes

    And this is why I check your site frequently, I’ll snap these up pronto, one for the shelf, one for the 2015 fat chance!

    • that sounds like an interesting dichotomy!

      • Roddy

        like all the best art

  • Tommaso Gomez

    Yeah, they also have a “been there, done that” approach to customer service. My girlfriend ordered a hat from them and it never arrived. It took more than a month of emails (mostly ignored) and a final store visit in Soho to resolve the issue. Save yourself the hassle.

    • Felix


  • hypebeasts we know aboutchea’

  • oliverpaulchen

    i just…..rather bought Cadence battle….

  • aifos

    I’m much more tempted by the Supreme fire extinguisher!

  • disqus_KZD2FBYTyQ

    what about vision, subware, and stussy… years before? ;-)

    • Of course, which is why I said “arguably one of the first legitimate streetwear operations” – not “the first”

  • Liam Griffin

    Supreme has done some rad stuff, but this looks a lot more like “lets stick our logo on something trendy and overcharge for it”

    • That’s kinda what they’ve been doing for the past two years with their accessories.

    • Matt

      It’s not as ridiculously priced as their apparel and people may arguably use it more often.

  • Schmeebs

    But Barbara Kruger…

  • Matt

    Let’s see a supreme x cadence kit. Or x Castelli.

  • James Daugherty

    ..and sold out on Supreme’s web store. Someone on eBays is already selling a pair for $150. HA!