Stoemper Smash Mar 2, 2015


Macro photography is a delicate art and while I prefer to err on the “stopped down” side of things, sometimes a shallow depth of field works, especially in a controlled lighting environment like a studio. Flickr user Twenty Tree has just uploaded a photoset of this Stoemper ‘Cross bike shot against a black backdrop and my favorite photo is of the head badge. Head over to Twenty Tree’s Flickr to see more.

  • Patrick Murphy

    That is one hot bike. And I can’t even see it that well.

    • Black backdrops are tough to nail. You’ve gotta flood them with light.

      • Patrick Murphy

        I think the photos are great – every photo from every builder is usually “lit to see,” but I think moody lighting like this is a refreshing change of pace…even if it means you can’t tell what chainring bolts/cable crimps/spoke nipples are spec’d :)

  • Gunter Braem

    Thx for the nice comments ! There is a strange compression on the photos when i upload them on Flickr. Don’t know why, workflow the same as in the past.

    • Are you exporting from Lightroom right to Flickr? I’ve found that creates lossy quality from time to time. I upload direct to avoid compression issues. Great photos as always man! I’ve enjoyed looking at your work.

  • mywynne

    I want one just for the headbadge. Hmmm, self graduation present?

  • Jonathan McCurdy

    I said consummate Vs!! Consummate!

  • kermitonwheels

    That’s a terrific set. I’m really digging this as a different take on how to show a bike.