SOLD OUT: The Radavist Berserkir Pocket T-Shirt Mar 11, 2015


One of my favorite stories from Norse Mythology relates to nature’s impact on man. Scandanavian warriors would often wear the skin of a bear or a wolf before entering battle, resulting in the spirit of the animal possessing them in battle. As Odin’s personal army the Berserkir were known for ferocity as well as loyalty as they fought for the pack leader. In fact the Old Norse word berserkir, literally translates to “bear-shirt” and was soon called “going berserk.”

Venturing into the woods, be it during an expedition, or just an everyday ride, we too can find ourselves transformed. Every time we push ourselves on the bike, or subsequently find ourselves pushed off the bike, we grow – #RubberSideUp. This introspective experience not only shapes us as riders, but it continues to strengthen our relationship with nature. If anything deserves respect, it’s the woods.

This image of the Berserkir, or Úlfhéðnar, is further empowered by the Norse protection symbol, the Vegvísir, which is a direction sign that enables you to stay the course without being lost. Something extremely beneficial to cyclists.

Drawn by Kyler Martz and screened in Austin by Industry Printshop, these American Apparel pocket tees are $25 + shipping. Available in black and white. These will ship this week. Expect around a 2-week delivery time for international orders. Scoop one up below.









  • aeriolabehaviour

    Very nice! One question: Does the ‘Large’ equals to European ‘Extra Large’ or are they the same?

    • These are American Apparel, so they’re closer to EU sizing.

      • aeriolabehaviour

        Got it, thanks!

  • ThomasM

    All sold out in white also, any chance of a second run with this shirt?

  • Bink

    Seriously, how early do I have to wake up in the morning to make these impulse purchases? First water bottles, now this. SADFACE

  • Salim Riley

    These are so choice.

  • This really needs a reprint. Any chance?

  • Don Ald

    really how many do you make??? Every time I see something on here its sold out on the same day and I visit this site daily. BOO.

  • Robert

    Crazy that you and Art of Manliness wrote on the Norse gods on the same day. Norse day!

  • Brian Sims

    Seeing as these sell out in like a nano second could you consider making more than 5? I’d really like to give you my money. :-)

    • I made 200. That’s a lot to ship!

      • Brian Sims

        Quit your whining. You need to feed your readers. :) Is there no other way to handle fulfillment? Prolly lower profit margin.

  • carchiba

    only 200 ? no wonder i never get the cool shirts. seriously hope you make another batch.

  • Matt O’Donnell


  • Brian Sims

    Damn, large black sold out. Next time…

  • Jamie McKeon

    john you forgot that i live down under ;)

  • TaylorSizemore

    Damn… I really need this. I hate that this was drawn a block from my house and I can’t order one! So rad that you worked with Kyler on this one… if you think of it, remind me when you restock these, because you know you have to do another run!
    Another thought. you should do an email list for this stuff…

    • ThomasM

      hit the nail on the head, pre-order

  • Thom

    make more t-shirts?