These Stinner Frameworks Jailhouse Caps Rock Mar 2, 2015




Or maybe they’re Jailhouse Rock?

Cycling caps are both an icon of cycling and an incredibly functional piece of apparel. They shield the sun from your face, redirect sweat from your eyes and hide hat messy, mat of hair while at a cafe or a bar, post-ride.

Design and construction must go hand in hand when conceptualizing a product, regardless of simplicity. These Stinner Frameworks caps were designed by Team Dream Team, built by Pace in California and are one of the most carefully executed designs I’ve seen. All of the lines match up perfectly, something that isn’t illustrated accurately in Aaron’s product photos, so I took the liberty of documenting it myself.

I know this was a bit long-winded, but I like to take the time with products like this.

See more at Stinner Frameworks.

  • wayneoau

    “We don’t ship to Australia” – Really? John, can you bring some with you to the Roobaix?

    • I wish I could afford to do the Roobaix!

    • Just fixed that bug in the online shop. We ship anywhere! Thanks for the heads up.

  • alex

    Nice, John! Do these caps have Pace’s thicker, all-the-way-around sweatband style elastic on the inside, or the smaller classic scrunch elastic only in the very back section?