Rubber Side Up 10 Mar 3, 2015

Fred down! Fred down! Mulholland claims another victim.

  • david__g

    Not to be harsh but: no socks, clip on aero bars, partly on the wrong side of an non-closed road. Deserved everything he got.

    • No one deserves anything like that, but he learned a lesson for sure.

      • david__g

        Well the socks and aero bars bit was (partly) a joke but I do hope the near miss with a car might teach him to be more careful and stay on his side of the road on windy downhills.

        Of course no one deserves to be injured but for some that’s what it takes to rein in wreckless behavior.

        Also he should wear socks.

        • #triathletesbro

          • Roger Parmelee

            Thats what happens when you break while in the corner..Bike handling 101 to much front brake/rear brake=that wheel washes out. Brake in a turn=bike stops turning

  • Josh Siegel

    why do you think his front wheel washed out in such a straightforward turn? Was he weighted too far forward, hit a slick spot? Odd….

    • That bike is designed to go in a straight line, not for cornering like that. It probably slid out for a number of reasons…

      • Mark Reimer

        It looks like the road was a touch darker there too. Maybe an old oil patch or some other kind of residue on the road? Like John said though, could have been many reasons. Tire pressure/tread compound etc. Rider error is probably the #1 cause though… looked real painful.

    • shapethings

      That curve isnt as straightforward as it appears in the clip.
      If you go to that YouTube user account, RNickeyMouse, you’ll see he has hundreds of mostly crotch-rocket crash videos. That part of Malibu is d-bag heaven on the weekends.

  • Chris

    Could have done without the hairy arse crack view with my breakfast

  • JoshHayes

    fred down

  • gilligoon

    Mmmmm… street pizza.

  • AdamEldridge

    He was looking at the car. Subconsciously headed straight for it. Snapped out of it realized too late. First thing your taught when you race cars or motorcycles is never look at what you don’t want to hit. Your brain will steer your body where you look.

  • Don Ald

    left of center.

  • C.Silver

    sounded like he had to justify to his buddy why they needed to come pick him up?

  • He needs a kit made of that ceraspace stuff.

  • Schmeebs


  • jeremy harvard ’99

    at least he kept his face off the asphalt