River City Bicycles Turns 20! Mar 19, 2015


The local bike shop has undergone a bit of stress over the past decade. Online sales from steep discount sites have crippled many shops, forcing them to close, so anytime a LBS stays open for 20 years, it’s worth noting. While River City Bicycles is far from my own local shop, they’ve always treated me like one of their own when I’m in Portland.

Congrats to the team and the community for two decades in the industry. If you’ve never been to RCB and you find yourself in Portland, it’s well worth the visit!

Oh and great freaking cap guys!

  • Zach Ary

    If you ever find yourself in Fredericton, New Brunswick,Canada, check out Savage’s Bicycle Center. Family owned since 1897. Oldest shop in Canada and the second oldest in North America.