Repete Cycles: Grizzly Cross Mar 2, 2015





Repete Cycles have been featured here on the Radavist before. Their handmade in the Czech Republic, custom frames are simple machines with clean, austere lines. That is, until you start to really examine their cyclocross bike, the Grizzly. Subtle elegance can be found in the bent Columbus Spirit HSS stays and the matte brown finish. Details that make this bike as fierce as the alpha predator from which it formed its namesake.

Oddly enough, this Czech company will be at the North American Handmade Bicycle Show in Louisville this week and I’m not complaining! You can see more of Repete’s work at the NAHBS Exhibitor Feature website.

  • boomforeal

    that seatpost…

    • yeah, tall mu fukkas always have strangely proportioned bikes. Ever see Ryan Trebon’s bikes? Crayzay

      • boomforeal

        damn! so it’s not some kind of error or artifact; that’s actually how he rolls?

        • Looking at a long seatpost and thinking it’s an error in bike fit is like looking at a tailored pair of slacks with a long inseam and thinking the same. Biomechanics are wild like that.

          • boomforeal

            perhaps. but look at the drop from the saddle to bars – there’s probably a foot difference! crazy custom tailoring, or a case of someone trying to bodge a tall guy onto the biggest frame he has? road-biking ignoramus that i am, my eyes see the latter; the bike just *looks* wrong! drop the saddle height so it’s within a few inches of the bars and my lizard brain would be urging me to mate with it, rather than flee from it

          • It’s a custom frame, not production, so there’s no need to bodge anyone onto a set size. I’ve seen numerous custom frames with a saddle to bar drop like that and while it may be an “eyesore” for someone like yourself, it offers the best fit possible for someone with an extremely lanky build.
            Long legs, long arms, long saddle to bar drop and reach.

            When you make the frames huge, you run into engineering and build difficulties. Tubing only comes so long and at a certain point, a large triangle becomes unstable…

          • boomforeal

            thanks john, this is educational. would you consider comissioning custom builders to write about these kinds of issues/considerations? in my experience, many folks in the bike industry are anal + enthusiastic enough that they enjoy trying to make such things accessible for a lay audience. i don’t think its strictly possible to train the amygdala, but i for one would like to know when to tell mine to shut up

          • kermitonwheels

            I could ride that bike and the proportions aren’t that crazy for a tall guy. Aside from really long legs we often have really long arms to match, so everything is bigger, drop included.

          • Chris Tolsma

            i wish more folks saw it that way….

    • Chrue

      being tall has it’s downsides…bikefit being a major one

  • breed007

    Nice. I like how the seatpost doubles a pole vault.

  • Bradley Tompkins


  • Mike

    Nice, I like the full-housing guides.

  • kermitonwheels

    So nice to see really hot, really large bikes for people like me. It is refreshing :)