NAHBS Coverage is in Full Swing Mar 13, 2015


This week, the site will be almost entirely dedicated to NAHBS coverage. We’ll be posting more news items throughout the week, along with a steady flow of bicycle galleries from the show. Hopefully you’re enjoying the coverage this year!

  • mywynne

    Aw yiss. Way better than homework!

  • Spencer Olinek

    Loving it. Nice work.

  • Joe Roggenbuck

    Thanks for all the exhausting work you do at these shows!

  • Dillan Forsey

    Thanks for your hard work! Saw you briefly at the show, workin’ hard to get these bikes the photos they deserve. The coverage on this blog means a lot to the fans and the builders alike.

  • You’ve done such a great job with the lighting this week, John. I’ll admit I’d become jaded by tradeshows and hated shooting them, but you’ve blown that preconception apart. The bar has been raised again!

  • Zach Roeder

    Your coverage is amazing this year. Thanks!

  • oliverpaulchen

    Hi John, nice work!!

  • professorvelo

    I hope you brought the stick

    • The stick suffered an unfortunate collapse a few weeks back. This was a placard holder I “borrowed” from my hotel, duct taped to the ground.

      • professorvelo

        wow… and the stick seemed so full of life…
        at least he went out doing what he loved. vaya con dios, stick.

        and thanks for the great coverage.

  • CJones

    Nice work! Thanks for all the great coverage for those of us that couldn’t make it to the show. Hope you got to shoot Moonmen.

  • Robert Franklin

    It’s nice to see a setup shot. It’s always fun to see someone make an ugly, generic space disappear with planning and a pair of softboxes.

  • Bayo30

    it’s the week where people often check how bike stands alone :) Thanks for your coverage and for awesome photos John!