Mo Bruno Roy’s Seven Mudhoney Pro Singlespeed ‘Cross

Mo, or “Meaux”, Bruno Roy was at the 2015 Cyclocross Nationals here in Austin, where I shot her Mudhoney Pro cross bike. Then, with all the madness that ensued after the postponement of the main event, I totally blanked on posting the photos.

That is until the news yesterday that Mo had retired from professional cyclocross racing. While she won’t be hanging up cross racing all together, her days of UCI events have come to a close. Now, I’ve only met Mo once but she seems like the type of person who is riding bikes for the love of the sport. Her and her husband Matt were so kind and generous, I can’t see her disappearing from their local New England scene. What I’m saying is, I doubt this is the last time you’ll be seeing this bike!

For more news on Mo’s retirement, head over to VeloNews and for more photos of this slick, titanium and carbon Mudhoney Pro, check out the Gallery.

  • Matt

    theres a chance that stem is longer than the headtube is tall

    • For sure. Happens a lot though. Think about all the pro road racers with 140mm stems and 120mm head tubes.

      • Matt R

        For what it’s worth, Mo’s headtube is 86mm with an 80mm stem.

  • cuppow

    Mo is such a positive force here in New England. About as good hearted as they ever did make ’em. Also… she RIPS and is a blast to watch #geauxmeaux

  • David

    That is an impeccable bar tape job!

  • Otis

    Is that a standard Mavic cosmic rear hub with a cassette and spacers or is that a different hub laced to the rim?

    • Matt R

      Otis, it’s a standard Mavic freehub body with cog and spacers from Endless Bikes.

      • Otis

        Thats cool, I hoped it was an Ellipse track hub with a custom rear axle.

  • Jon R

    Those chain tensioners are awesome!

  • Davey Struthers

    One of the seven wonders!

  • KK

    I really love the look of small framed bikes, when the wheels dominate the view.

  • Liam Griffin

    First photo is a different bike? Assuming warming up on the trainers on a geared rig?

    • Matt R

      Yup. That’s one of Mo’s geared race bikes, which she raced in the Elite race a few days later. The singlespeed is virtually identical. It’s an up-cycled geared bike from the previous season. Seven put in new track dropouts and painted it with a little National Champ flair to commemorate her SSCX win in Boulder the year before.

  • Don Ald

    What kind of brake cable hangers are those ? The front looks so solid and the rear is slick