Merckx Mondays Mar 2, 2015




Photos by Andy White

Don’t ride up grades, buy upgrades.

Leave it to FYXO to deliver a clean and crispy Merckx Mondays. This Eddy Merxkx pista, is built with a panto’d Cinelli XA stem, Record components and even filtered air in the tubes! See more at FYXO.

  • Derek

    Im sorry but what.. filtered air? what is the point if you wanna get crazy fill em with nitrogen. Pretty bike none the less.

  • Tyler Howarth

    Isn’t the quote “Don’t buy upgrades; Ride up grades” or am I missing something?

  • AdamEldridge

    Really really clean.

  • James Moore

    Would have looked so much better with polished rims. Why road levers on a track bike with only a front brake?

    • Why not? The owner probably wants to ride safe.

    • kahr