Legor Cicli Nuiorksiti Randonneur Transcontinental Mar 31, 2015


For Legor Cicli, building bikes for his team, the Legor Cicli Squadra Corse to ride in the Transcontinental Race was as interesting as it was challenging. A massive undertaking like the Transcontinental requires a bike that’s nimble on its feet, yet is comfortable for the long days.

This is the Nuiorksiti model in the randonneuring version. The tubing is Columbus Life with a 1 1/4″ fork steerer, fillet-brazed to the fork legs and internal cable routing for the Supernova front hub. As part of an experiment, Legor coated part of the frame with copper, so it would oxidize over the 3000km trek. The frame bags were made by hand by Pinza’t and other support for his team was supplied by Satan’s Coffee CornerRight Side CoffeePedaled, Enve, Brooks and Columbus.

Check out more photos below.







  • Mark Reimer

    Wow, that copper/blue combo is sweet

  • James

    Matching bikepacking bags are the new matching Deep-V’s, ect.

    • Aaron

      Agree. The bike looks great, the bags look ridiculous, especially for an event like The Transcontinental.

  • ap

    the big headtube looks good mated to C Life

  • Patrick Murphy

    I love non-traditional frame finishes. The oxidized copper looks stellar against the bright blue. I think the bags are neat…I’d have gone with copper leafing pen for the graphics, but hey, that’s the beauty of custom!

  • Matt O’Donnell

    That finish is beautiful.

  • alainrumpf

    That is a very cool bike. And the Transcontinental Race is in fact 4200km so it will even have more time to oxidize…

  • Jake Riehle

    Yep, amazing.

  • Matt

    so many awesome things here

  • GioFio

    Must…move…tire logo to valve…
    Beautiful bike! But that’s killing me.

  • Callaghan

    fuck yeah, keep going on tranconti !

  • adanpinto

    Perfecta, con ese toque punk que le da Mattia a sus creaciones.

  • Warwick

    Wow stunning, love it. Would like to know more about the copper coating will it need a clear coat applied at some stage?

  • Camilo Parker-Bowles

    Best randonneur on my life dude!

  • mookauu

    I never thought I’d see a Brooks saddle on top of an ENVE post.. Don’t hate it!

  • AlanSchtweetzsch

    Love the colour combo! Why da front rack so high?