International Shipping is Cheaper at Wraith Mar 3, 2015


There’s nothing worse than the sting associated with paying a hefty shipping fee, especially for international purchases. Wraith Fabrication recently lowered their $250 rate to around $50 – $70 through switching to USPS. That’s enough money to make the cost of a brand new bike a bit easier to swallow.

Head over to Wraith to check out more specs on the Hustle, their road model.

  • Ian

    Kind of a bummer that there is no sm/med like there is a med/lrg. The jump between small and medium completely cuts me out.

  • c_j_drawbridge

    I’ve seen many photos of this bike, and for whatever reason the gray color looks different (anywhere from blue-ish to light gray to dark gray) in nearly every picture – I wonder if this photo represents most accurately the bike’s true color?

    • White balance issues… Is describe it as “putty” grey if that helps. On the cooler side.

  • disqus_zNO3UU2nWA

    Are these frames really only $500?

    What’s the deal with the whole “WHAT YOU PAY TODAY IF NOT SHIPPABLE $500.00” idea?

    I’m about to check out and it still only says $500, not $1350.