I’m in Baton Rouge for the Rouge Roubaix Mar 12, 2015



Last year’s Rouge Roubaix coverage was a huge success, so this year, we’re heading back with even bigger plans. A group of American framebuilders have assembled teams to compete in the event and to make things interesting, each company chose one lucky individual to be on their team via an application process.

These wild cards each have a custom bike waiting for them in Baton Rouge where they will compete alongside their new teammates. The teams are: Team Argonaut, Team Breadwinner, and Team Mosaic. This has been aptly dubbed the Rouge Roubaix Builder Challenge. Last but not least, we’re all lucky enough to have Chris Diminno from Chris King Gourmet Century on hand to provide nutrition. We’re gonna need it!

The Radavist will be on hand, documenting the bikes, the teams, the main event and some of the vernacular found in this truly unique part of the United States. If you’re going to be at the Rouge Roubaix, say hello and if you’re racing this weekend, best of luck!

8 responses to “I’m in Baton Rouge for the Rouge Roubaix”

  1. Bradley Tompkins says:

    Welcome to God’s Country!

  2. Go get ’em Breadwinner! @Tommy Everstone CRC! 4130! In League With SATAN!!

  3. HurlEverstone says:

    where is my mug?

  4. Cody W says:

    It’s a shame I live in Baton Rouge, an hour south of the Roubaix, and cannot compete. There are too few cat 5 spots, only about 70 and their all long gone. Compared to upper categories limit of 150-200 I believe. Not to mention entry fees are more expensive than Cat 1/2 and 3/4, and you get nothing for placing besides pride. Oh well, guess I’ll go ride it for free on the other 51 weekends available. Y’all have fun out there!

    • John Watson says:

      Or you could come hang out at the start / finish. ;-)

    • bgav says:

      Or you could have ridden the Gran Fondo version today. For many, it’s all about the group experience and personal challenge.

      • Cody W says:

        I should have, but the St. Paddys parade reeled me in. I dont care about winnings and I agree with the personal challenge, but the main emphasis was how few of cat 5 spots are available. I’ll be there at the finish!

  5. Evan Kilgore says:

    Grew up in Baton Rouge and used to get bottles thrown at me for riding my bike around town. Blows my mind that folks are traveling from all over the country to ride in St Francisville. Wish I was there.