Forest Park with the Athletic Mar 27, 2015


Part of Portland’s allure is the accessibility of exceptional “all-road” riding. The Athletic‘s office is just minutes away from Forest Park, one of the largest urban parks in the country. While most of the singletrack and trails are illegal for cycling, two roads, Leif Erikson and Saltzman offer plenty of dirt and gravel to make an average road ride all the more interesting.

Add in the beauty of springtime green, some killer #lightbro, great company and you’ve got one hell of a short, sub 20 mile ride.

Check out more photos below!







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  • Johnny Burrell

    ahhh, hometown. Wish I got a chance to meet and ride with you John. Enjoy PDX while you’re hear, and the Gorge races this weekend should be cool if you’re out that way.

  • tedder42

    I rode some of that road on my carbon road bike with 23mm tires last weekend :) not even joking! Saltzman was on De Ronde.