Did You Reach for the Manual for Speed Bartape? Mar 24, 2015


This mysterious tape landed itself on Wilis’ No 22 Broken Arrow and other bikes here on the Radavist over the past few months. A lot of you asked what it was, speculated, made bets, offered to sell your souls. Well, no need to do the latter. It’s in stock now at Manual for Speed. In case you missed that subtlety in the last post. Designed by Dan Funderburgh, influenced from architectural tessellations (my favorite), and made by Cinelli, this stuff will be sure to sell out today.

  • Keith Gibson

    i reached!

    • arlcyclist

      You and me both. Can’t wait!

  • Ultra_Orange

    For I second I thought that was one roll of barkeep. Still pretty cool. Is that a felt backer? How does it stretch?

    • That is a single roll in the picture above. The pattern is an ‘optical gradient’ to quote the artist.

  • Andy Brown

    For once, I did not miss out!

  • Western Rapid

    Yup, had to get this. Two rolls on order. Destination as yet unspecified, but will surely get used…

  • bincepilot

    I have just stumbled across this and it has now fallen into the ‘must have’ category. Anyone know of any stock that may be floating around? Or is anyone willing to part with theirs for a handsome sum? Cheers.