Bishop Bikes: Supersprint Track Mar 13, 2015




Photos by Keith Trotta

I know we’ve been immersed in NAHBS this past week and everyone’s probably reaching their limit on amazing, custom handmade bicycles but this one needs some exposure. Chris Bishop’s latest track bike is nothing short of amazing. This Supersprint bike has Samson track ends and a clean fastback seat stay, accented by Todd Eroh’s paint. See more at the Bishop Flickr.

  • Bink

    That seat tube lug, that crown, that color.. That kickstand? Oh, just a random metal rod, phew!

  • kermitonwheels

    Such a classic paint scheme, beautiful. Lot’s of amazing details in this one.

  • Tommaso Gomez

    This is my favorite bike at NAHBS. There are lots of classic style lugged frame builders out there, but Bishop’s always stand out from the rest.

    • Chris hasn’t gone to NAHBS in two years! ;-)

  • That binder bolt looks so good.