An Evening at Velo Cult with Santa Cruz Bicycles

Last night’s party at Velo Cult was a blast. With events like the Gorge Roubaix in town, people came from all over the Pacific northwest to hang out, see the Santa Cruz Stigmata, chat photos, drink beer, eat delicious food, ogle vintage bikes and to see the new Domestic Display Tables.

Chris Diminno from the Chris King Gourmet Century was there, preparing a delicious spread of cured meats, cheeses and other nibble bits from Olympic Provisions. We packed the house out until late and before it got too out of hand, I slipped out to get a good night’s rest…

Check out some photos from the event in the Gallery and thanks to everyone that came out!

  • Delicious foot? Looks like fun!

    • Late night out, early morning up, bad typo. Sorry!

      • Haha no worries – it made me laugh thinking about actually eating foot

  • tony365

    I miss Portland

  • Rich May

    Hey John, my girlfriend and I are visiting from the UK and we took the chance to pop by last night. It’s an awesome space and we appreciate being able to get involved with this kind of event – thanks for your efforts in organising, and your writing on the site in general.

    • thanks for stopping by dude and thanks for visiting the site!

  • Samuel Lopez

    Such a rad shop, and super cool dudes!!

  • Josh Siegel

    Nice! OK, quick story, These guys used to be in San Diego before PDX. I was on vacation and my old Campagnolo seatpin broke on my vintage bike, so I was stuck. After calling 5 or 6 shops, no dice. So I called VeloCult in PDX because I figured the owner might know where in San Diego to go and he told me the 2 shops to call / go to to find a Campagnolo compatible seatpin. Vackay cycling saved. That is someone who understands customer service.

  • Good chatting with ya!

    • I wish I could be there for your bike packing chat dude!

  • Ace Metric Cycles

    Did they install the string lights solely for the photographic effect? Looks like it was a great event.

  • Kyle Kelley

    Holy shit! Amazing at Velo Cult Bike Shop!!!