Ahearne Cycles 27.5 Dirt Tourer

Joseph Ahearne‘s bikes, like Curtis Inglis’ bikes, have always piqued my interest. There’s something honest, yet artistic about his designs. He’s not afraid to use a 1″ threaded steerer, curvalicious racks, or yes, a kickstand (Hey, made my job easier!)

This Ahearne Cycles 27.5 dirt tourer is currently parked in Velo Cult and it’s a glimpse into the future for what’s to come from the two brands. Velo Cult loves this bike so much, that they’re going to work with Joseph to develop a 26+ and a 27.5 dirt tourer production version. It’ll have many of the same features, but be a bit simplified to bring the pricepoint down.

When a bike like this happens to be your size, you take it for a long ride around the block to photograph it… As stated, this particular model (which fits like a 58cm) is for sale at Velo Cult and a new production version is on the way. Holler at the guys if you’re interested in purchasing either.

22 responses to “Ahearne Cycles 27.5 Dirt Tourer”

  1. Matt says:

    the headbadge!

  2. ap says:

    A beaut of a brute. What are the braze-ons on the underside of the top tube and top of the downtube for? Frame pack ?

  3. colavitos_ghost says:

    amazing bike overall. and those fenders? yes!

    but a genuine question that the builder might shed some light on: why the presta nut spacers on a custom machine like this? by all accounts, spacers between racks/fenders and the frame make those accessories more likely to rattle loose. then again, maybe there’s a logic that i’m missing.

    • Jason Marshall says:

      I believe that those are actually leather washers which are commonly used to prevent fenders from rattling.

    • Tony Clifton says:

      At least for the front rack, I think it’s to isolate the mounting arm of the rack from the fork crown – if they were contacting, it would probably rub all the powdercoat off.

      And Loctite 242.

  4. Daniel Jackson says:

    What is standover height on this bad boy?

  5. Brian Sims says:

    Wow. Great work!

    It’s about the little things:
    Race Face Turbine cranks – pimp crank
    Integrated wiring
    Room for 2.4s!

  6. Zach says:

    You really captured all the lovely details on this one!

  7. Jordan Mackinnon says:

    Great photos. That front rack is a work of art

  8. Troy says:

    Great bike. I met Ahearne at the Bend, OR bike show a few years ago and was very impressed with a feature-packed and stylish commuter/utility bike he made. I love the racks and functionality in his bikes. Definitely the first time i’ve seen drop bars and 2.4s on the same bike! Too bad about the cables for the bar-end shifters sticking way out in space.

    What’s the wire going through the front fender for? Is it wired from the dynamo, up to the handlebar switch and then back down to the light?

    • Troy says:

      Wait, looking again i see three sets of wires going to the light… what is going on up there? It seems like the rack would be far more useable if the light was mounted under it, instead of on top. That said, i want to emphasize that it’s an awesome bike, and it’s much easier to sit here and nitpick than it is to create such a cool rig!

      • John Watson says:

        The light has a switch, mounted to the stem, which could be that third wire and as someone who has used a lamp setup like that, I prefer it being up high, so there’s no tire shadow on the trail while you’re shredding.

      • Liam Griffin says:

        There are 3 wires for that light: on/off & high/low switch is the fat cable attached to the button on the stem (also has a USB port), skinny from the hub to the light carries power, and skinny from the light through the fender powers the rear light. That front light placement is ideal for the beam pattern on that light, and ideally you want that light above the fender so all those wiring connections are protected.

  9. Al Cowan says:

    Fantastic bike, anybody know who made the fenders and super wide fork crown?