Acre’s New Apparel Mar 30, 2015


Acre’s been working on a few key items over the past year and if you can’t visit their San Francisco or Los Angeles storefronts, they’ve finally stocked their web shop with the new pieces. I’ve used a few of these and they’ve quickly become my new go-to trail apparel.

Check out each below!


Jersey Crew


All Mountain Riding Short


Padded Cycling Short


Waterproof Cycling Vest


Waterproof Cycling Jacket

  • mp

    This stuff looks great!

  • scott

    How about an interview or story about Tytanium? He (along with GSC) is sorta a star subject of this site. Now he’s racing in the open class in the EWS alongside the world’s best MTBers. From your photos it was always obvious that he was a skilled rider, but the transition from rad guy that works at GSC to EWS circuit racer seems like a pretty incredible story.

    • Good idea! I take for granted that these dudes are all my friends. It would be a great story.

  • anton_88

    455$ jacket? I mean it looks good, but come on!

    • There’s always one person who says something about the $x jacket. It’s a higher end item and if you’ve seen the pricing for expedition gear, it shouldn’t surprise you. It’s made from Polartec and made in North America, what would you deem as a fair price? Mission only makes the best apparel from the best fabrics. There are plenty of other options out there for cheaper / made overseas jackets.

      Pointing it out and complaining is too easy. Understanding everything else takes a little bit of effort.

  • Adam Herstein

    How are you liking the Linear shirt?

    • Great! That and a new ultralight Faroe that’s coming out are two favs of mine. I wear the UL Faroe a lot, especially when it’s sunny to keep the sun off my arms and the hood even covers your helmet, so if you’re riding in exposed sections, you can just pull it over… More on that piece to come.

      • Adam Herstein

        Awesome, thanks!

  • Horatio Burton

    I think these look pretty dialled. The styling a colours are spot on… and NO FLUORO!!