2015 NAHBS: Shamrock Paper Airplane Cross

This bike is a wedding gift for a woman named Sarah from her husband Josh, who coincidentally bought a Shamrock cross a few years back. Sarah and Josh met at a cross race, and there were exactly 585 days from the time they met, until the day they got married.

Individually painted paper airplanes each represent a day and you guessed it, there are 585 of them on the bike. Sarah wanted a bike that was a race machine during the season and a commuter the rest of the year. Throw some race wheels, swap out a few parts and you’ve got a bike ready for mud.

  • boomforeal


  • Charles Southgate


  • odenator

    Super impressed. Best thing I’ve seen come from Shamrock. Dude is from the same place I grew up and shares my last name!

  • Jake Kruse

    hot lugz

  • Eddie

    Killer work Tim. Hope to catch up soon.

  • This was by far my favorite paint project for Shamrock… looking forward to more collaboration!

  • Racer Ecks

    Anyone know what fenders were used in this build? I’ve been looking for a set like these.

    • EricInNC

      It’s hard to tell from just these photos, but they look rather like Gilles Berthoud Stainless, possibly touched up with a grinder.

      • Racer Ecks

        Thanks, I too thought Honjos but I wasn’t sure. I’ll check out the Berthoud fenders.

  • Ethan

    First time ive seen a full Campag groupset running a Shimano cassette. Didn’t think they would play well together in regards to shift quality.

    • Felix

      Difference in cog spacing is only about 0.1mm. So real-life performance should be fine.
      But only with 11 speed. 10 speed is a little different and wouldn’t work so well.

  • Shamrock Cycles

    Hey folks. Thanks for the kind words and the very good questions. Yes, the cassette is a Shimano. But 11sp is 11sp is 11sp. I have Campy EPS on my road bike and use a Shimano cassette with no problem. Fact is, most people want Shimano 11sp hubs instead of campy for greater diversity of cassette options and lower price points.

    In terms of the fenders, they are Tanaka 45mm stainless fenders. Nothing terribly sexy about them but they are stainless (a requirement of mine) and they were in stock in the right width.