2015 NAHBS: Retrotec 29+ Rigid MTB

Velocity Dually rims have been helping builders get a little plumper in the realm of rigid mountain bikes. One such builder is Curtis Inglis from Retrotec, who took advantage of the Dually platform with this rather gargantuan 29+ MTB.

Large frames tend to be on the gaudy side, but the Panaracer FatBNimble tires and seemingly-balanced proportions give this bike a rather pleasant stance. You almost don’t notice the gigantic head tube and massive standover.

  • hans

    oh man, that thing is rad. dig the subtle bend in the fork blades.

    • Christopher Jarrett

      The chain stays have a sweeter double curve in two planes.

  • tylernol

    large frames what?

    • hans

      that head tube is crazy long!

      • Paul Heller

        What’s cool is that you could run drop bars on this pretty easily.

    • it’s tough to make a large frame look good is all I’m trying to say… wait until you see the other big bike I shot.

      • Harry

        I personally think 58cm looks the best proportion wise, and unfortunately for short people; small frames look weird.

        • 56 looks the best across the board. I like a 58 because I ride one but a 56’s proportions look the best IMO.

        • tony365

          Unfortunately what you are used to looking at every day looks the most normal. I ride a 52cm which looks awesome and normal to me, and a 58cm looks like an aircraft carrier to my 5,7” viewpoint. I think I agree with MR Watson the 56 looks the best. scratch that I vote 54cm

  • caliente

    I love this. It looks like a klunker on steroids.

    • Christopher Jarrett

      You’re right. Thats exactly what it is.

  • Ted Barbeau

    Every once in a while I can’t contain myself and click on the final image to see the drive side shot. This was one of those times.

  • Tim Guarente

    That’s a rad big bike, but those cranks look tiny on such a big bike.

    • ninja

      haha, now that you point it out those cranks look tiny as! Gives nice perspective to how big the bike is

      • Tim Guarente

        I’m 6’5, and I run 180s any chance I get. This bike should have something bigger, even though it would have to be custom.

        • Have you seen the DirtySixer? 220mm cranks!

  • Jamie McKeon

    Dat seattube cluster

    • Christopher Jarrett

      A thing of beauty !

  • Tony Clifton

    One common element to all these amazing frames is Paragon Machine Works: headtubes, dropouts, bottom bracket shells, disc brake tabs, cable guides, chainstay yokes, seat collars, stem components, etc. I think almost every frame you shot uses at least some PMW components; some use nothing but. If a builder wants USA made frame components, it’s pretty much PMW or machine it yourself.

  • ninja

    I’m digging the arc the green and white highlights follow – complements the top tube really nicely! Those cranks do look tiny :)