2015 NAHBS: Repete Cycles Falcon Track

You don’t often see track bikes like this at NAHBS. Fixed gears, sure. Street-track bikes, yeah, you bet. But a Czech national track star’s personal race machine? That’s a first for me. Repete Cycles brought this stealthy beast to NAHBS and it won me over.

AX Lightness bar, stem and post, along with Mavic Comete track wheels and an SRM system. This isn’t your typical track bike. Raced by Jan Kraus for Repete, the 21 year old Czech Team Representative has quite the number of accomplishments under his belt. Do they wear belts with skinsuits? See Jan’s track record at the Repete Cycles Facebook.

  • John Jones

    Love track machines with out lockrings. Def-track specific….

    • forgive my ignorance, but what does this bike use instead?

      • A rider that knows better than to try sweet whip-skids inside a velodrome.

      • Salim Riley

        I think the bike does not require a lockring because the rider is not backpedaling inside of a velodrome.

        • Samuel Lopez

          Fast gear changes, Just like loctite/gluing the back of the chainring bolt to the spider.

  • This is awesome.

  • caliente

    This thing just gave me the chills. Double discs!!!

  • westley

    So sick

  • tony365

    Wow, this one is my favorite so far. Modern, minimal, race proven awesomeness!

  • johnsoniscool

    what bartapes were used for this beast?

    • tony365

      looks like Fizik glossy tape to me