2015 NAHBS: Oddity’s 29+ Rigid and Curvy MTB

Sean “Burnsey” Burns builds Oddity Cycles in Fort Collins, CO. He’s an architect, an artist and a furniture designer. His bikes, along with the likes of Black Sheep Bikes, stand out from a lot of traditional lines found in the MTB world. Coincidentally, Sean used a Black Sheep fork and bars on his personal 29+ rigid MTB. The word rigid here is italicized because it’s anything but that. Even with a high volume, low-pressure tire, you can still pick up on the bike flex from the lines and fork. It gives in just the right amount, in the right places.

A few wheelies, hops and manuals post-photo shoot had me digging what Sean has created here: a highly shredable piece of art. Please note that this is Sean’s personal bike, it has dings, dirt and yeah, crochet cozies in it with empty beer cans. I didn’t remove them intentionally. Bikes like this at NAHBS are highly successful tools in showcasing a brand’s intent and I respect that.

  • Ham Sandwich

    straight tubes are for dick sacks! #penistitties

    • linacostaa

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      • Ham Sandwich

        god damn!

      • Ian Stone

        that’s a lot of bike parts

  • Ian Stone

    Hands down my favorite style of bikes there. Nothing about it seems “generic” or “off the shelf.” Thanks for featuring Sean!

  • CJones

    Awesome! Is the frame steel or titanium?

  • breed007
  • Was on my list, and pretty damn stoked on this bike!

  • Josh Long

    i think it would be cool if more bike companies started using clamp on fork crowns/ steerer tubes. it would allow you to switch headset standards and stuff more easily

  • Patrick Murphy

    Koozie game is strong. The bike is awesome too.

  • Andrewthemaker

    All he makes are dope ass bikes! My next frame will be one of his fat bikes.

  • mrbiggs

    Wow. Wow wow. Love the green accents.
    In my eyeballs this thing looks like it weighs 40lbs. Any idea what the actual weight is?

  • Maxwell Merkle

    Stand out by being very similar to Jones? Oh, wait. It’s a fat bike.

    • I’d say Black Sheep over Jones. But guess what, Jones wasn’t at the North American Handmade show because his bikes aren’t handmade in North America anymore. He went overseas and cut off his custom market.

      Oddity’s bikes are different and maybe I should have shot one of his cross or road bikes, but just because a bike has swoopy loops made from steel doesn’t mean he’s copying or ripping people off. Inspired by, sure, but not copying. That’s how it goes though. The bigger dogs inspire the new comers and ultimately, we’re all in this because we love bikes. I wish the industry would stop fighting over a bag of chips at the beach like a flock of gulls and just support each other. (thanks for that analogy, CD)

      • Ian Stone

        Long live swoopy tubes! That Oddity road bike was sweet.

      • Sean Burns


        It was a pleasure seeing you at the show. Thanks for digging what we do, and doing what you do. We flipping love to ride bikes, build bikes and have fun – we hope each and everyone that gets onto one of our ships leaves with a big grin.

        For the record; Black Sheep, Jones, Retrotec and many other non-conforming builders/brands – ALL these guys make bad-ass bikes that are an influence to us for sure. I’d hope they influence anyone to push the envelope on what a bicycle is or can be. Anything NOT boring, normal and straight-line we dig. Honored to have our name mentioned in the same sentence as them. Much respect.

        I thought I’d post these of the Road and CX+ since you mentioned them.


        • ChrisDefiance

          That road bike is especially gorgeous. I hope you don’t take my comment above as a criticism of your work, I just wanted to say that I feel like its not a big deal to point out the Jones inspiration.

      • ChrisDefiance

        I think it also makes a difference that it is his personal bike, its not like he is pumping out Jones knockoffs or something. Theres nothing wrong with taking inspiration from other designers and manufacturers but at the same time this bike is so very very similar to a Jones ( http://blog.jonesbikes.com/thru-axle-ti-spaceframe/ ) that its a bit weird trying to say its more like anything else. Black Sheep may have made the fork, but even Jason at Black Sheep admits he saw the design on a Jones first. I also don’t see why just because Jones has his products made overseas that makes it OK to just write him off with so little mention of the fact that he is the OG truss fork designer in the modern bicycle industry. He really developed that concept and should be recognized for his contributions to opening people’s minds to atavistic weirdo future bikes. I don’t think the fact that people are pointing out the Jones likeness is bad, just giving credit where its due.

        • Fair enough.

        • Neil Fenton

          Girder fork. From the earliest motorcycles.

          • ChrisDefiance

            Oh for sure motorcycles have used designs like this since forever, like I said “in the modern bicycle industry”. Question maybe you can answer; on a motorcycle isn’t it meant to act more as a kind of suspension? I’ve read some interesting interviews with Jeff Jones where he says his design is meant not as a suspension and really just to allow the amount of forward rake/front end geometry he uses while still being made with lightweight materials, the flex aspect is just an added bonus. Like the motorcycle forks didn’t have the upper horizontal support between the blades to keep them from flexing or something?

  • Maxwell Merkle

    I think my grumpy cynicism will eventually lead to health problems.

  • Matt

    That fork design is off the charts

  • redhead322

    Photo #5 says “Zi Xing Che” in traditional Chinese characters. It means “bicycle”.

  • Agleck7

    What’s the little thing on the drive-side chainstay?

    • Liam Griffin

      That is a bottle opener.

  • Mario Rocchio

    Does anyone know what pedals those are? This is an insanely beautiful machine…I absolutely love the fact that it wasn’t cleaned for the show.

    • Matthew Cline

      They look like Crankbrothers mallet 2!