2015 NAHBS: No 22 Reactor Titanium and Carbon Road

Those of you who are Neil Young fans might have picked up on an underlying theme with the names No22 chooses for their bikes. In 1981, Young released Re-Ac-Tor an album that married his traditional sound with new wave synth. Much like the album itself, the No22 Reactor marries two very different materials in an overall package that is sure to deliver on both aesthetics and performance.

The frame itself is mostly titanium, with a carbon seat tube. The seat tube cluster is sleeved and the ISP utilizes a titanium seatmast topper, resulting in a light and stiff bike. How light? 13.1 lbs as shown with the Fabric ALM saddle, Hollowgram cranks, Reynolds RZR 46 SLG wheels.

The Reactor is available as a frame for $3,999 including the seatmast topper and hardware. Read more at No22

  • Ultraclyde

    Really dig the mixed etch and polish graphics, and the geometric graphics as a whole. The details are fantastic and it makes for a package that is much nicer visually than your run-of-the-mill titanium bike. Looks fast and purposeful. Nicely shot, too, as usual.

  • westley

    That crank sets it off

    • caliente

      The radial lines on the wheels and the crank complement each-other very nicely.

  • c_j_drawbridge

    Worthy of inclusion in MoMA.

    • tony365

      Easy there. Its a nice looking super light bike! MOMA? a bit over the top.

      • c_j_drawbridge

        I was only being half serious but paying the builder a high compliment on the bike’s look.

      • c_j_drawbridge

        I think what No22 is achieving for a bike that isn’t painted is fairly remarkable. If you put it next to nearly every other Ti bike (arguably with the exception of Firefly) these models from No22 would stand apart. I live near to one of the top art and design schools in the nation, and this looks to be something that students of Graphic Arts or Industrial Design would have created together……

  • Salim Riley

    Somehow $4000 seems like a fair price.

  • alex

    what is that spacer holding the Junction box?

  • kermitonwheels

    I saw this over on Red Kite Prayer but didn’t realise the amount or qualityof detail in the bike. Your photos really show that and now I know what he was raving about. That’s some damn trick titanium bike right there.