2015 NAHBS: Mosaic GS1 All-Road Bike

For Mosaic Cycles, they don’t grind gravel, they just go on road rides. Roads that are mostly dirt, so when Aaron decided to make a bike for ‘all-road’ conditions, he didn’t have to change much, aside from tire clearances. He did however add a few braze-ons for versatility reasons. Fender and light rack mounts are the most obvious additions. This particular frameset includes the new Ethic Industries fork. The GS1 is offered both as a steel bike, built from True Temper S3 tubing, or a titanium frame, with a geometry slightly tweaked for off-road or all-road riding.

The GS1 is designed to ride better on those long days in the saddle on dirt. This is one bike that has intrigued me and I’ll be able to actually ride it in the near future as part of a long-term review. Stay tuned…

If you’re intrigued, holler at Mosaic, where they’ll be more than happy to answer your questions or build you a bike of your own.

  • Bradley Tompkins

    This bike is sick….between this and a Breadwinner B-Road I am at a loss. Purple hubs? Red Spokes??? Amazing looking.

  • david__g

    Apparently my town is soon to have a Mosaic dealer. This is awfully bad/awesome news.

  • James_H

    I’ve heard so much about Mosaic lately. Am considering a Ti road bike in the new future.. but have had a hard time finding direct comparisons between Colorado’s other premier Ti builder, Moots, and Mosaic. I know you’re a fan of both, but any thoughts?

    • Trevor H

      I can’t speak about Mosaic, but Moots stuff sure is nice (my local shop is a dealer). I saw some of the Mosaic stuff at Above Category, and it was really nice stuff too. Don’t forget about Kent Eriksen either. He started at Moots and helped develop things like their YBB rear end before branching out on his own.

      • Andy Brown

        Kent founded Moots in the 1980’s and sold his shares in the company in 2004…

        • awesometown

          Moots has decades of craftsmanship, experience and reliability to back it up… Mosiac has nifty paint jobs, a can-do attitude and a lot of potential. It’s all a bit relative… more important that you put butt-to-bike and try out each one if you can.

  • George

    Does Mosaic have plans to offer this design in Ti or is this bike better as a steel-only?

    • The GS1 will be offered in steel (true temper S3) or titanium.

  • Trenton South

    Beautiful paint, and frameset. Those seat stays………….oh man. Who makes the QR’s. Beautiful

  • Mark Hespenheide

    Those dropouts are gorgeous.

  • This is my kind of bike. So is my Kona Rove Ti :)