2015 NAHBS: Matter Cycles 27.5 SlayRide Rowdy Hardtail

Long travel, hardtail 27.5 hardtails are by no means new to the world of mountain biking, or NAHBS for that matter. With brands like Chromag, Engin and Breadwinner swearing by this platform, it’s easy to see how their popularity is increasing.

Matter Cycles is a Colorado builder who makes tig welded bikes to get rad on. Collin builds bikes using mostly True Temper tubing, with a few bits of Columbus in the mix. The SlayRide is a 140mm to 150mm travel 27.5 hardtail with internal routing for a dropper, thru-axles and can be built for custom-sizing. I love the yoke, personally.

Head over to Matter Cycles to see their other offerings, if this bike is too rowdy for your taste…

  • Kyle Kelley

    Saw this in the new Mountain Flyer!

  • Jack Johnson

    Clean and practical. Dig it!

  • Derek

    This thing is awesome, might be time to get rid of the full suspension! that thing looks like it rips!

  • carl bradtmiller

    very sick. i want this bike. +1 for scarred up cranks at NAHBS. the chain is out of phase on the ring though ;)

    • It was a review bike for Mountain Flyer magazine. Pretty good write-up too!

  • Dimon Kartishkin

    Thanks for no enve in that! indeed it started to get sick of too much enve in every bike

  • Well this thing looks fffffun!
    On a totally different another note, what are people running for cages that don’t mark up their bottles?

    • clean your cages… all cages mark up bottles.

    • shapethings

      King Ti cages are winners for me. They do leave some marks on my bottles, but just a little magic eraser on them & good as new.

      All my carbon cages would scrape the graphics off my bottles.