2015 NAHBS: Lundbeck Swedish Cross

Max Lundbeck brought a rather unique bike to NAHBS this year. A cross bike for himself, this vibrant rig represents his Swedish heritage. His family has a tradition, a heritage box, which represents each male in their family that has had a son. This box dates back to 1797 and its latest entry is Max’s own son.

These names are painted on the seat tube and the frame itself is adorned in the Swedish flag’s colors. For the build itself, Max wanted a cross bike that he could commute on. Hence the fender stand-offs, eating up some of that extra clearance.

Campagnolo Chorus with a Shimano top pull, Brooks Cambium saddle and bar wrap, along with Ruffy Tuffy tires mean this race-ready rig will be rolling smooth year round.

  • Ultra_Orange

    I love this so much, just want it a 1x and I’ll ride this to work and fucking everywhere. Do they have a scholarship program where they can trade me the bike for a tattoo somewhere on me? Do they need a kidney, I’ve got two!

  • bongofruit

    That stem is fucking wonderful. One of the most aesthetically pleasing threadless stems I’ve seen in a dog’s age.

  • Joe

    This bike is super nice overall, but I just have to comment on the way Max integrated the fenders. So nice and clean. Maybe that detail just struck me because I have fenders on my mind to deal with the spring thaw for my own cross bike.

    • Hamish Mcdougall

      mudguard mounts are 10/10

  • caliente

    SOOOOO much reach on those hbars!

    • SOOOOOOOOOO much, I just liked the shape and look so much, we’ll see how long they last :)

      • Jan Fries

        What bars are these?

        • compass cycles maes (made by nitto)

  • Craig

    So glad you shot this bike. As an owner of a Lundbeck quite similar to this one I can attest that is is an incredible machine. Mine really is a joy to ride and Max (!) Lundbeck is a great person to work with through the process.

  • Josh Siegel

    That is beautiful; just really tidy and a nice style. I am guessing a Campagnolo silver alloy crank would really pop on this by playing up on the thompson seatpost and other silver elements.

    • Josh, I’ve gone down the road with the Athena crank before for looks…but I just dislike power torque

  • Richard Dreyer

    Very nice