2015 NAHBS: LoveBaum Track

LoveBaum is a framebuilder pairing from Denver, Colorado started by Chad Lovings and Bryce Baumann. The two initially met in Rifle, Colorado at Yamaguchi’s framebuilding school. Shortly after leaving, they decided to begin building together under the name LoveBaum.

The two bikes at NAHBS bearing the LoveBaum name immediately caught my attention in the rookie builder hallway. The first being this curved seat tube track bike. Made from a mix of True Temper and Columbus Life tubing, Bryce intends to put its stiffness and design to the boards at his local velodrome.

White Industries hubs laced to no-name carbon rims and Challenge Pista tires are powered by the AARN chainring and Dura Ace cranks, polished to a shine. With custom leather work by Carson Leh, the contact points on this bike are different than your average track bike.

A Leh top tube protector keeps the custom fillet brazed bar and stem from chipping the top tube’s beautiful pearlescent paint. This is probably one of the most elegant track bikes at the show and has won me over.

  • curvedwallride

    This looks just like last year’s Best Track Bike from Six-Eleven.

  • mywynne

    Bikes nice, but saddle and bar… wrap?tape?grips? are absolutely killer.

  • art

  • Andrew Drago

    Great Photos. Really capture it. I own a LoveBaum and ride it almost everyday. Super proud of both of these guys. Both are coming to the show with insane bikes.

  • Richard Olive

    Awesome bike and I “love” the custom Brooks saddle. Well done LoveBaum!

  • Jim Holland

    Nice…first leather cambium!

  • Jonathan.

    The name led me to assume this was a Baum offshoot. Maybe they hadn’t heard of Baum or just don’t care.

    • Jonathan, I can appreciate your concern, but we’re very familiar with Baum’s work. The name is merger of Lovings and Baumann, as Lovings-Baumann is quite the mouthful. We contacted Darren before starting the business and he gave us the go ahead to use it. In addition, the branding and aesthetics of the bikes are very different. Cheers

      • echidna_sg

        and at a guess “lovemann” probably wouldn’t get the same instant industry cred, not that there is anything wrong with that! ;-)

        • Yeah, you’re probably right about that. Definitely better than “baumings”, that would have been disastrous. Apologies if I came across a little gruff in my previous comment, was not my intention. As I found out NAHBS can be a little overwhelming and stressful as a builder. We just really want to make sure we aren’t stepping on the toes of such an incredible builder. I appreciate everyone’s comments, they mean a lot! :)

  • Richard Smith

    The geometry doesn’t work for me aesthetically; slightly sloping TT looks like a mistake, the front end seems very tall for a track bike (/show bike) and I realise I might be in a minority here but I find curved seat tubes to be kinda gauche. I’m also not keen on the logo script. That said, a lot of the details are spot on (and really showcased in these photographs) and the fabrication and finish looks impeccable. I’ve been following LoveBaum on Instagram for a while now and I’m really enjoying what they’re doing.