2015 NAHBS: LoveBaum All-Road Bike

For it being LoveBaum Bicycles‘ first year at NAHBS, I’d say it was a successful one. Winning the “Rookie” award is quite the honor for the framebuilding pairing from Denver. While their curved seat tube track machine was very much about performance and style this bike is all about customization. Chad Lovings, the other half of LoveBaum, recently completed this build, an all-road bike that oozes that ever-present NAHBS panaché.

For starters, the client’s initials have been carved from the seat tube cluster lug. A bold, cursive KP with crisp lug lining is the highlight of the frame, while other details like the internal routing and custom stem are equally as pristine, yet flow so well, they disappear in the overall package.

Built from a True Temper S3 and Nova, Chad used Fillet Pro to create smooth transitions, tube to tube. Finally, a rust orange and forest green sparkle paint job makes this bike pop with gold lug lining and dropout cell fill. For the build kit, the client went with Ultegra Di2, ENVE, Challenge Almanzo tires and Chris King.

Does this bike deserve the “Rookie of the Year” award? Oh yeah…

  • Derek

    There are so many details that I keep discovering them each time I look at the bike again. Even down to the head shrink around the Di2 cables and the custom fabricated headset spacer.

    • Warwick

      Completely agree, it wouldn’t be my personal pick for colours but everything seems to work so well, I’ve gone through this set like ten times. And the build kit is what I’ve been dreaming of putting onto a frame like this. So good

  • adanpinto

    Lovely bike. I love the fork.

  • Harry

    I know its making the best of a difficult situation…but I’m not really feeling the flash photos. I think you really elevated and championed available light pictures at shows in the past.

  • Max Young

    Nit-picking a bit here, but I wish the galleries showed the full bike as the first image, not the last image. Then, all the detail shots after the overview.

    • I’ve always showed the full bike last.

      • krashdavage

        Builds the antici….pation!

    • The quick work around is to click left arrow or swipe right after loading the page. I similarly like to take in the full bike first and it’s not hard to do with the current gallery setup.