2015 NAHBS: Hank’s Stinner Frameworks Disc Cross

Say, for argument’s sake, that you’re the owner of Henry James Bicycles, the main supplier of True Temper tubing, various lugs and tools. You know just about every framebuilder in the USA and have seen their work in great detail. So when it comes to select a builder to construct your dream bike, who do you call?

For Hank from Henry James, he looked to Santa Barbara’s Stinner Frameworks. When he found out about the beloved Mudfoot cyclocross bikes, he wanted in, but not being on the team, Aaron and painter Jordan Low designed Hank his own paint job.

Arguably my favorite from Low, this bike has pizzaz. With matte and glossy notes, a pearl top coat and yes, stripes with fades, Hank’s bike is a show stopper. SRAM Red 22, Chris King, ENVE and cyclocross tires with minimal tread will take on the fire roads, trails and tracks surrounding Henry James’ facilities in SoCal.

In fact, this bike looks so damn good, I might have to visit them to see it in the wild… If you’re at NAHBS, swing by the Henry James booth at #636 to see it in person.

  • JScriv

    One of the best paint jobs i’ve seen in a long time. Simple in concept, dialed in execution! Love the shading!

  • Trenton South

    Holy crap, this bike is sweet!!!. Curious to know what rotors stinner is using?

  • Ace Metric Cycles

    S T U N N E R

  • Keith Gibson

    Nice paint on this. Looks great.

    • Warwick Gresswell

      Agree, great colours.

  • Kyle Campbell

    This bike/photoset just joined the No. 22 Broken Arrow and your Mudfoot Stinner on the list of bikes I never want to stop looking at. Dead sexy.

  • Ben Hoffman

    Call it a cross bike but throw a road crankset on it…bad move imo

    • High-ish BB, cross tires but he doesn’t race cyclocross and it doesn’t rain enough in SoCal to have Red be an issue. Bad move to you, but he clearly knows what he wants and since this isn’t spec’d for public consumption, it shouldn’t bother you that much. ;-)

    • Matt

      Didnt like every pro cross’er riding SRAM have the red group on their bikes before force came out?

  • David

    My god.