2015 NAHBS: Fat Chance Yo Eddy! Rigid 27.5 MTB

Now, I’ll admit that the Yo Eddy! 29’r had me pretty stoked but I was more drawn to the 27.5″ version. Not that the 29’r doesn’t look like a great bike, it was just missing something… Something signature and iconically Chris Chance.

Segmented forks made the older Yo Eddy! frames in my opinion and after seeing the rigid 27.5 version at NAHBS, I knew what was missing with the 29r. My rigid Indy Fab was modeled after the old Yo Eddy! frames and it’s long been my favorite MTB. It has an iconic look that feels very Somerville.

Personally, if I were to buy a new Yo Eddy! frame, I would spring for the rigid fork option. Just look at that damn bike! It’s a perfect balance of modern components with just the right amount of throwback style. The build kit rounds out functionality nicely with XTR, a dropper post, brand spankin’ new WTB carbon rims, White Industries hubs and those nice n plump WTB 2.25″ Trail Boss tires.

While the 29r could tackle my local trails with ease, this rigid would make things a lot more interesting. Then, when your wrists and back start hurting, throw a Rock Shox on it and jam on.

Like the big brother of this frame, this one’s a prototype. Custom drawn stays are on the way and the geometry might take a bit of tweaking. Hopefully, me and Mr Yo Eddy! can spend some quality trail time together soon. Keep up to date on all things at Fat Chance Bicycles.

  • the shredability is off the charts!!!

  • Matt G

    No seat stay to chain stay bridge on the side of the disc mount? Maybe in production?

  • Majaco

    That second to the last shot, a few degrees from head on is so good! Making me want to go out and hit some trails

  • reteptterrab

    That red!

  • Matt

    I feel like the 29r, especially with the rock shox, just looked like a custom 29r inspired by the yo eddy, whereas this one looks like an actual evolved yo eddy. I like it a lot more!

  • FAT999

    Love it, but the rigid fork wouldn’t be my choice. You can keep the dropper post, the carbon rims and even the discs, but front suspension has to be the single most functional improvement in MTB technology in the last 30 years. But then that’s half the fun with custom builds – build what you like. Am a big FAT fan – own a ’94 Yo (with Big 1″ rigid fork) and a ’98(?) Ti FAT.

  • Tyler Morin

    Really love the paint on this one as well as the 29er, I do agree that I’d rather see a suspension fork on this as opposed to a rigid, but either way it’s a great looking bike.

  • mike house

    Really great shots John! In fact all the NAHBS bike pics you captured were outstanding.

  • Lawrence Edmund

    I’m not old/knowledgable enough to know much about these bikes’ history, but I do know that this 27.5 nails it on the head for me. Straight forward, classic design with enough touches of modern to satisfy. Dreamy. Beautiful shots, John.

  • Tony Clifton

    I wonder why the 29er uses a 44mm head tube, while the 27.5er uses a tapered head tube? Also, the website says that the rigid version of the 29er will be non-suspension corrected only.

    • jamiecarlin

      Most 27.5 frames that are coming out these days are tapered head tube because nearly all of the 27.5 forks now available are tapered. It’s actually kind of hard to find a decent 27.5 fork that isn’t tapered. I guess because it’s just now catching on most companies figure that’s the way to go.

  • tylernol

    the fork looks a bit strange due to the suspension-corrected gap and the non-tapered steerer…otherwise the bike looks good. These new Fat Chances definitely seem like prototypes with a few kinks to work out.

  • mp

    What a beauty – nicely done Fat Chance! It captures the spirit of the original yo-eddy quite nicely. I’ll take one! (The stem reminds me of the old Answer/Manitou CNC stem.)

  • marco primo

    what’s with the teardrop gussets on the front of the fork legs? does that help longevity?

    • Richard Smith

      I’d assumed this was just an aesthetic detail

  • Luke

    Threaded inserts in the rear brake direct mount. Clever!

  • Brad Parker

    Rather have a O.G. Fat Chance with a fork built by Chris Igleheart, but this bike is pretty nice.

  • ninja

    That stem is bad ass tough! Really tidy rig this one, nice job :)