2015 NAHBS: Enve’s Prototype GRD Thru-Axle Fork

I’m not even going to tell you what GRD stands for, because I’m sure you can guess. The newest prototype fork from ENVE is not what it appears to be. Cross fork? Nope. Road fork? Not really. The GRD is a new axle-to-crown dimension, offering a little more clearance than a road fork, yet not as much as a cross fork, at a rake more friendly for road bikes.

It’s that nuanced, middle ground that enough frame builders have requested from ENVE and after a good amount of internal discussion, they’ve finally responded to their demands. Thru-Axle compatible and an integrated, yet removable fender to keep your downtube, feet and legs clean while you’re tearing through muddy, wet roads.

This particular Moots has a few nifty prototype items on it, which I’ll be covering later next week. Detail oriented readers will spot that thru-axle, disc, Chris King hub though…


    GRD= Get Rad, Dude?

  • Steve Crosby

    So what is said “more friendly” rake? What is the A2c measurement?

  • Harry

    Git ‘r done! (?)

  • ap

    Neat. are they selling a matching rear fender? does it have a traditional eyelet mount or something different like this?

    • No rear fender.

      • ap

        darn. Well you guys should sell one, Enve! Can’t imagine having a bike this nice/$$ and being un-ocd enough to be ok with mismatching fenders or only a front fender.

  • Brett MacFadden

    Very nice, I do hope this goes to production. Also, thank god, black logo—so much cleaner looking than the white.

  • Western Rapid

    What are the steerer dimensions? Would love one of these in straight 1 1/8, but guess it’ll only be tapered etc.

  • Jeeze theres more hole than disc. Worried about too much bite?

    • caliente

      Yea, I agree. It looks cool, but wouldn’t that just shred your pads!?

      • it wouldnt shred your pads but it’s a massive reduction in surface material.

  • bgav

    Great to see them offer a fork between CX and road. I also commend them for trying something different with the fender, however too many compromises. It’s proprietary, not full coverage, and what about a matching rear fender? I would have rather seen traditional eyelets, either bonded like how Parlee retrofits ENVE forks, or metal inserts molded into the layup. Most of their competition offers standard fender eyelets giving their customers freedom of choice about which fenders they want to run.

    • Cooper Mittelhauser

      Also, there doesn’t look to be much room between fender and tire. I run fenders on half my fleet and always set them up a decent distance from the tire so debris can clear when conditions get really nasty. The ENVE fender looks to be easily removable for cleaning, but no one wants to stop in a gravel event to clear debris. Also, what happens when you pick up a stick or rock and it gets jammed between the tire and fender? I can’t ascertain if there is an “emergency release” designed into where the lower struts meet the fork, but if not I’d be very concerned about destroying the fender (and risk an endo-to-faceplant).

      It seems like a decent option for the “50-50” gravel events that are on nicely groomed B-roads, but in the gravel events prominent in the Midwest I don’t see much benefit from the fender.

  • Froste

    When will we see carbon forks with mounts for front racks or at least a randoneur rack?

  • Schmeebs

    Any idea what the rake is?

  • Hollis Duncan

    “Detail oriented readers” or 99% of The Radavist ;-)

  • caliente

    Call me up next time you need a hand model!

  • Thomas Alexander Peralta

    Anyone know what rotors these are? They look more elegant than most current options.

    • KCNC

      • Thomas Alexander Peralta


    • gvnstewart

      KCNC rotors look great and are nice and lightweight. They even stop pretty well, but I always get the feeling that they are quickly eating up brake pads.