2015 NAHBS: Enduro Bearings 24mm Outboard Pista Crankset

One of the best new products I saw at NAHBS this year were these Enduro Bearings 24mm outboard pista cranks. You might ask why these somewhat simple looking cranks would have piqued my interest and guys like Trackosaurus Rex so much and the answer is easy: why not!?

Made in the USA, with 144bcd chainrings in the works as well, these outboard bearings and cranks will retail for approximately $800. Guess what? Road cranks are on the way! What’s old is new again, just way, way better.

In the meanwhile, follow Enduro Bearings‘ Facebook.

  • Mark Blei

    Only 800 dollars?!

    • You’re at a custom bike show where the average complete bicycle tops $10,000 – just for reference.

      • Mark Blei

        Oh, I know. I look forward to NAHBS every year whether I can attend or not. I never stop being amazed at the price of bikes and parts, regardless of how pretty they are. That being said…These cranks are pretty effin rad!

      • This is still a legit question IMO. These come from brand with no proven track record of producing crank arms. I think the idea is cool, but they have basically produced a modern take on a classic aesthetic (not their own) and priced it at a $480 premium over Campagnolo Record (which I would say has even nicer level of finishing).

        • Totally understand. I’m not defending the pricepoint, just giving context. Personally, I’d rather have Phil, White Industries, etc etc.

          • For sure! The Phil especially if you are looking to drop that much money, but I do understand its not outboard. I don’t know about others, but I have had such good luck with square taper (providing you use a quality BB).

          • simonnix

            IMO outboard comes into its own past a certain spindle length, and depending on how often you get out of the saddle. Square is totally fine in most cases though, definitely. And if you’re cool with square you can get an IRD Defiant crank with a really similar ‘Sugino Super Mighty’ look for less than a quarter of this price.

  • simonnix

    From the BB shot I’ve seen it looks like these are set up for 42mm chainline with no spacers, which is a clean look, but a bit sad if you run a single speed setup and need the chainline 5-6mm further over. Hoping the road cranks offer a solution when they come, because the pista looks friggin’ gorgeous.

  • naisemaj

    They look good, but i’d like to know why the price comes in so steep as compared to a paul or white bros crankset. I love high quality made in the us stuff, any info?

  • Ace Metric Cycles

    These are hot. Reminds me that I’ve been waiting to hear more about the Sugino 75 2 piece/GXP. Anyone have the scoop on those?

  • Tyler Morin

    These are nice for sure, but I still like the look of the Phil Wood Track Cranks better, but that’s just me.

    • I agree, a different finish and lower pricepoint. I do however like this concept.

  • Patrick Dowd

    A mechanical blog I trust much has recently thrown some praise on Enduro’s bearings (which yes, the crank is new, but the bearings have been around). Wheels Manufacturing makes an outboard bearing BB that is cheaper than Chris King but higher quality than Shimano. Neat. I plan on upgrading to that at some point.

    Here is the article;

    (I’m also stoked that they are right here in Oakland,CA!)