Winter Winds Feb 16, 2015

This new spot for Opus Bikes makes my joints hurt just watching it. Yet, there’s something serene and still about winter riding. Check out more information on the Stelle disc cross at Opus’ site.

  • mrbiggs

    With the what seems like permafrost on the trails here in Philadelphia, the trails have become inaccessible for anyone without studded tires, and the roads are often hilariously more interesting. It’s definitely beautiful to be the only one on some normally busy singletrack.
    But man, I can’t wait for Spring.

  • bongofruit

    I really enjoyed the attention to sound design on this video. Good work!

  • breed007

    Need to make an edit that cuts to me sitting in front of my computer eating scones.

  • D_Semple

    Looks like a nice spring day to me. No frozen buggers, no gators, unfrozen lake. -Chicagoan