Vos and Cant in a Caravan Feb 15, 2015

Two of professional cyclocross racing’s top women spend an afternoon in a Caravan, discussing their careers. Translation brought to you by CX Hairs.

  • Courtney Britt

    I just love Cant. Everyone giving her shit or talking about her being grumpy after Worlds; I wish she would just go full on “black hat” and become the villain. That’s one of the problems with women’s sports, it seems like there’s no room for drama or a bad guy; everyone wants them to be “nice girl” all the time. I think it would be way more interesting to have a foul mouthed, punk rock, bad ass in the peloton who loses her temper and shows some personality every once in awhile.

  • kermitonwheels

    These are two hard nut racers. Very nice piece to have a chance to see their non-racer side.