Velocity’s Redesigned Cliffhanger Rim is Wider and Stronger Feb 20, 2015


It is of popular opinion that wider is better when it comes to mountain bike rims. Maybe that’s what prompted Velocity’s redesign of their Cliffhanger rims. 30mm wide, short sidewalls with a reinforced spoke bed and tubeless-ready, the new Cliffhanger might be what you’re looking for…

The Cliffhanger will be offered in 29, 27.5, 26 and 20 inch wheels, with 32 through 48 hole drillings, and either machined or non-machined sidewalls. For finishes, you’ve got a few options: either Black ($82.99 NMSW, $90.99 MSW), or Reflective and Polished for an additional cost.

Made in Florida, by Velocity and hitting shelves now. See more at Velocity.

  • Hubert d’Autremont

    Just got two pair in the shop and they are definitely sweet. A great choice for touring!

  • David Spiva

    Man, I’ve been tempted to build up a Phil/SON hub wheelset for my touring bike. I was almost settled on some XL Rhyno Lites, but this is a new contender.
    I’ll have to hear someone’s personal review.
    Those cliffhangers are about 100g more than the Rhyno Lites and that’s a consideration.

  • Doug Landers

    Blunts are much lighter

  • Hubert d’Autremont

    The are going to stop making the Blunts, just doing Blunt 35 and Blunt SL and SS. The SS is still 30mm but I wouldn’t tour on it.