Strawfoot: Kit Bag Feb 23, 2015



After a muddy race, trail ride or even jetsetting, you’ll quickly find it necessary to keep your stinky kit and poison oak-covered socks separate from the rest of your luggage. Or maybe you just want to keep your shoes nice and safe? Designed to fit just that, yet small enough for a backpack or your carry-on luggage. Introducing the Kit Bag from Strawfoot.

Available in two materials: a black camo Japanese micro-fiber with a subtle, debossed camo pattern in very limited supply for $98 or a USA-made charcoal duck cotton canvas with a water-resistant finish for $88. Measures: 13″ x 9″ x 4″. These bags are made by hand in Santa Cruz and are in stock now at Strawfoot.

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  • Erik B

    My musette from them arrived today and it is so choice. If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up.

  • Tyler Morin

    This looks really great. Hopefully I can pick one up in the near future!

  • I’ve been using mine since CX season and I can’t leave home without it. Easily fits your shoes plus a kit or I’ve been loading all my ride gear (kit, extra layers, tools, food, etc) when I travel. Bottom line, this shoe bag is basically a must have. Thanks Garrett!

    • itjustainthappening

      must have?

    • roger aisles

      a must have? get. fucking. real.

  • Will

    Or you could put your smelly crap in a plastic grocery bag… and save the $90 for groceries and get a bunch of free bags! And food.

    • Damn, your city still gives grocery bags out? Ours won’t… :-(

      • Will

        Yep, here in crunchy Vermont, they still give out plastic (or paper) bags.

        • Damn! Austin is crunchier than Vermont?!??

  • Exactly what I need to round out my race day gear.

  • AJ Tendick

    Looks like a nice product, I love the subltey of the black camo.
    John what camo shoes are those? I assumed vans but the logo inside looked different.

    • They’re SeaVees

      • AJ Tendick

        Cool thanks. As luck would have it they are on sale right now. Looking forward to checking them out.

  • odenator

    Damn. Missed out on the black camo strawfoot kit bag AND the the Radavist shirts. This is what happens if I don’t check the site every half hour.

  • Andrew Deane

    Wow, a $100 oversized toiletries bag. However did the industry limp by before this?

  • I’m bag designer, this is nice looking but too overpriced and, IMO useless. Who want put a muddy shoes into a 100$ bag? “The world is beautiful because it is varied“ (Italian proverbs) , this means that probably there is someone that will buy 2 of these.. 1 for each shoe

  • GSR

    Great bag, I know many people who want them, good to keep the shoes in separate bag. Price point is great unless you want some made at a sweat shop or by Dan.

    • Andrew Deane

      I have to believe there is some middle ground b/w a cheap sweat shop produced bag from Walmart and a $100 bag for your shoes. I am all for quality North American-made products but this surely has to represent the ridiculous extreme of the high-end cycling consumer spectrum. Do people really not have something better (new tires, charitable donations, lighting cigars) to spend $100 on? Perhaps they need these bags to store their other money in.

  • Jesse LaLonde

    A great looking bag. Quality, Made in the USA, by hand, limited. Personally I can get behind an operation like this but more importantly I take pride in supporting the little guys.

  • Andrewthemaker

    Nice looking bag and I’m sure it top notch quality! Being a gear maker myself I can tell you that $90-100 is not that crazy as some on here would make it seem. I figure the material cost plus 3-4hrs of skilled labor is damn good deal. Personally I think he should charge more! But, trolls keep trolling and haters keep hating!

    • That’s not true. I’m working with many bags manufacturers for more than 10 years and and 3-4 hrs are creazy long time , this piece can be produce in maximum 20/30 min with very good quality. @andrewthemaker:disqus you are not serius.

      • Andrewthemaker

        You are not taking into account that the bags are not made in a factory and are not designed by a “professional bag designer” like yourself. There is no material purchaser or advertising department. This is a one man operation that does everything himself without having a machine for each operation. Possibly you are blinded by the “more than 10yrs” working with factories. So, I am “serous”!

        • Yeah, this is like two dudes in a garage in Santa Cruz kinda thing…