Strawfoot for Oakley Feb 17, 2015


Sean from Team Dream recently visited Garrett at Strawfoot and came across a neat project he’s working on with Oakley. These small tool pouches have a ratcheting wrench and a Crankbrothers tool. They’ll fit in your pocket, or your bag. Unfortunately, these aren’t for sale. Not yet anyway. Hopefully that’ll change!

Check out how the whole thing comes together in this Gif that Sean made.

  • Allen K

    Love the downtube shifter-esque shape of the wrench!

  • Kris Macalinao

    Beta tools make a nice alternative. Maybe Straw foot would make something that could fit this!

  • mrbiggs

    I was just thinking this morning how I could use a little ratchet wrench for getting the wheel bolts off of my singlespeed. Nice!

  • Please make this pouch!!!!. I have their socks, wallet, and bags. Tough, clean looking products…and O make this tool.