Steel and Hardwood Feb 18, 2015

Steel and hardwood

Nao at Tomii Cycles posted this photo on his Flickr the other day and it really struck me as both a unique photo and construction method. The juxtaposition of the cold, hard steel and the warm, rich hardwood, coupled with precision tools really speaks a lot about framebuilding. To top it off, the simple wood screw at the fork end shows a no-nonsense approach to the builder’s m.o.

I see a lot of framebuilder’s process photos, yet this one really did it for me.

Now it’s time to get over to Tomii cycles to shoot some photos, don’t you think?

  • The “Dave Kirk Rake Checker”

  • Zachery Small

    This is an awesome example of keeping it simple and sticking with methods that work. Nao kills it! “Because technology alone is a poor substitute for experience” -RS