SRAM Rival 22 Feb 5, 2015

Rival is one of the most affordable road groups on the market, without sacrificing performance or style. As we saw with the Saila titanium cross build, it doesn’t distract from the bike, yet with 11 speed control, you still get the same precision as the higher end groups. Check out this quick spot showcasing it on a disc road and see more on Rival at SRAM.

  • D0rk

    Been running primarily Rival for years. Just haven’t found the need to go to Red/Force unless I catch an amazing deal. I just kinda wish they made the derailleur all black or made it a color option. Not a fan of the half silver.

    • Erik B

      The jump between a Rival and Red shifter is huge in terms of how it feels to use. Well worth the extra money.

      • From what I can tell, it’s all the same mechanism, just different materials, right? Red22 is by far the best feeling SRAM group I’ve used for sure.

        • Erik B

          I’ve taken both apart but haven’t payed much attention to the particular interior components that differ between them. I just know that when running rival on my cross and red on my road, red ~felt~ more crisp, refined, responsive, etc. Even when paired with an X9/apex derailleur respectively.

        • Brian

          All SRAM 10-speed and most of the 11-speed road groupsets are essentially mechanically the same, even down to the brakes, which is why you can mix and match Red with Force with Rival with Apex if you want and get almost the same results as if you had just a straight groupset. What you’re paying for is more premium materials, more precise machining and fitting, and fewer grams.

        • with 11, i think its all the “zero loss” mechanism now – with 10, it was only red (and eventually force) that had that feature and was what accounted for the more responsive feel of red shifting over the other groups.

    • you can use old 10 speed rd’s with 11 speed shifters. so just grab an old force/rival 10 if you dont like the silver ;)

  • Germanflea

    Same as shimano 105 and shimano in my opinion looks better

  • barry mcwilliams

    Hmm, I’m running 20-speed Rival on my road bike. Want to make the jump to 22 & was thinking I’d go Force. Maybe I’m okay w more Rival!

    I get that the Rival – Red jump is pretty big. Is the Rival – Force jump pretty significant?

    • Tommaso Gomez

      Shimano 105 5800 is the best bang for the buck 11-speed groupset out there. I can’t speak for longevity of these new groupsets, but my Ultegra 6700 is still going strong after 5 years and one crash – on the same shifters.

      • barry mcwilliams

        Thanks for the reply. I kind of want to stay SRAM on this bike. I’m Shimano on my XC and I’m happy with it, but I like having one of each.

    • rival to force is probably a bigger jump than force to red. if you care about carbon/weight, get force. if you dont care about carbon, get rival. pretty much that simple as they will function pretty much the same.

      • barry mcwilliams

        Yeah, that’s what I’d heard. I know for sure that I don’t need Red but I wouldn’t mind shedding some weight & adding some crispness. Cheers.

  • Jay Sublett

    John, you could produce way better video than this. Must have been filmed on a Cannon Rival, not RED. ;)

    • I don’t do video. I can barely do photos.

      • Jay Sublett

        Respect your modesty.

  • kermitonwheels

    Great groupset, terrible video.

  • Tyler Shannon

    I want to make a video and offer it for them to use instead of this, because this is pretty bad. It’s a product I fully believe in, but this video feels like it was made by someone who has never ridden a bike. The quick zooms, the weird music, all of it.