Search and State: S1-J Riding Jacket in Sandstone Feb 26, 2015


Search and State’s popular S1-J Riding Jacket is back for 2015 in a new color. For those who don’t like wearing head to toe black (what is wrong with you!?), there’s a new option: Sandstone. Head over to Search and State to see more information. I might add that this is one of my favorite cycling jackets I own.

Made in New York.

  • westley

    This jackets so sick but so expensive

  • Bradley Tompkins

    Dammit…..I want this and one of their olive jerseys now.

  • Richard Sachs

    I’d hit these atmo.

  • S A T A N

    sweet jacket!! However, if it was mine it would be covered in coffee and mud in one afternoon

    • Dear Satan, that’s totally cool and the best part is, you can simply wash it afterwards. Your pal, the Radavist.

  • HurlEverstone

    best jacket.