Restrap Shoot Uses Magnets to Make Camera Strap Swapping Easy Feb 16, 2015

It doesn’t take much to get my attention when it comes to camera straps. Never one to shy away from innovative design, I was pretty stoked to see the guys at Restrap develop a new “quick release” for neck and wrist lashes. Through utilizing magnets, their design makes swapping straps between your 35mm rangefinder to DSLR and vice versa, a cinch.

Made in the UK by Restrap and at a damn solid pricepoint too!

Head over to Restrap’s Shoot Kickstarter for more information.

  • been searching hi and low for one of those old dispatch X gear patrol orange slings but alas cannot score one anymore… Maybe this will suffice.

  • AidanNW

    The magnets come off as gimmicky. The same buckles are used on some Lazer helmets and I worked at a shop that sold them. Really, I saw little benefit to the magnets aside from the neat factor.

    Frankly, they are made of cheap plastic and I wouldn’t trust them for a strap.

    These would be way better quick change buckles.

    • Timothy

      Entitled to your own opinion of course but I don’t think they can be considered ‘cheap plastic’ :)

  • asdfsky

    :) nice idea, but most of the people who has more than few cameras don’t want to change straps, they want different strap styles to go with different cameras :)

  • Jon Hauserman

    The magnetic buckles are made by a company called Fidlock in Germany. They are very reliable and plenty strong.
    On a helmet at least, the advantage is one handed attach and release, even with gloves.