Rapha: Men and Women’s Brevet Jersey and Gilet Feb 2, 2015



Originally designed to be used in the Paris-Brest-Paris Randonnée – a 1,200km unsupported race to be complete in less than 90 hours – the Rapha Brevet Jersey and gilet has become a staple in their lineup. Each year, a signature gilet compliments the Brevet jersey as a high-visibility accessory for when riding at dusk, dawn and at night. This year, Rapha’s take on high-vis leads them to high contrast stripes, with each gilet and jersey combination using various colors.

The Rapha Brevet Jersey and Gilet are in stock now for Men and Women at Rapha.

  • Anthony M. Garcia

    Great call on the chest pocket.

  • david

    I really like the jerseys but the vest, I mean gilet, is just awful.

    • no one does stripes better than Team Dream!

  • David

    Any truth to the rumor they are completely unhitching themselves from Bike Shops?